Am sharing this article with an ideal because every one deserves a chance to start their own business. You probably know by now that there aren’t just 1001wys to start a business with $100 or less. There’s are infinite number of way to start business with little or no capital.

So many people has been held captive of the misconception that starting a business requires a lot if money. The old saying”it takes money to earn money “this has been ingrained in many people memories. The fact is, it takes value to earn money not money to make money. If you can provide massive value for your customers they will in turn send you money.

The objective of this article is to educate, inspire and instruct people how to start a business with little or nothing but an ideal., dream and commitment.

If you have any ideals to add to the list please write it down in the comment box we’d love to hear from you and your ideal can be of help to countless number of people.

Below are 10 business you can start with nothing;

  1. Write a book: turn your passion into mission to educate others. Write a book and self-publish it.
  2. Start a blog with Google ads, chitika ads, an Amazon store, eBay store or text links ads or selling products and services online. Why
  3. Start paper route business
  4. Distribute product door to door
  5. Become a coach or advisor and help people in your area of expertise
  6. Create you tube video that goes viral
  7. Create application for android
  8. Create newsletter that educate other
  9. Create instructional CD’s, DVD or program to educate others
  10. Write a play, movie script or theatrical performance

If you have more ideals that can be helpful please write them on the comment box


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