The generation we are now is a global world, where almost everything is available to us on the internet, and we have multiple pampamered shoppers who buy anything they come across at a flash both the one they need and those they don’t need. Statistics have it that we no longer use items to their maximum life. We buy, throw, and replace things very fast. This way we end up wasting our hard earned money and polluting the environment. Aside that, we all know the level of economy reccession in the country now. Would it not be better to use money judiciously? Buy quality products and buy according to use. How, you ask? Try buying used or second-hand products. There is no point paying full-price when you can get the same quality and at better deals (BELGIUM USED)

Below are list of items you can buy used and maintain your savings:

1.Household Appliances for Rented Homes

I love the idea of new appliances but when you move a lot like I do, it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on them. With each move, things wear out. Few bumps and scratches are inevitable. And technology changes fast. Also, we all have this fantasy and taste of decorating our home with the lastest products. Then why waste money now? Save till you move into your own home. Microwaves, ACs, TV, Washing Machines are a few items that can easily be bought on the internet. Try jumia, konga. etc

2.Designer Products
It is no fact that designer product are very very expensive – the likes of apple laptop, iPhone,hermes product, original Gucci product. I have found out that those who really want it, buy it second-hand. What a great idea this is! Designers products are ridiculously overpriced. If someone wants to own a bag, watch, or dress, and can’t afford it on full-price, buying second-hand is a great way to fulfill your desire without burning a hole in your pocket. There are many legitimate websites that sell second-hand designer stuff and they certify it on request.

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3.Plastic Toys for Children
Almost every child like toys, toys is just something children can do without. However,children grow fast and tend to change their toys, just as they grow out of clothes too. They learn and lose interest. They want a brand new toy every now and then. As we all know toys are very expensive, buying second-hand makes much more sense. Tricycles, plastic toys, Lego sets are a few that we can be bought used.

4.Textbooks, if Syllabus has Not Changed

Textbooks cost a lot. With fees and other expenses at the beginning of the school year, it’s advisable to get second-hand textbooks and handout from our seniors. In case you know someone who is a year senior to you or your child, ask them. And don’t forget to keep yours in good shape and donate them. It saves money and protects the environment too.

5.Car for New Drivers
We all know the value of car reduces by 20% the moment we take it out of the dealership store. Then why pay the high price when you are a new driver? As a new driver, few scratches here and there are a given. Personally, I would make a mistake on the road if I’m more worried about my car than following traffic rules. For new drivers, it’s good to have a second-hand car. Buy a used car from an authorized dealer. This way you pay less money and have the best quality. Do the same for two wheelers for your growing children. You can also check out sites like ijamautos

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6.One-time Use Items

I follow this principle – I never invest in a product that I would use once or I am not sure I would use again deal. There is a textbook I bought for my entrance examination which I never used again. something I can easily go and borrow for community library. Ask yourself – if you don’t intend to use a product in the next 6 months, don’t buy it from the store. Search for a second-hand online deal or renting instead.

Is there anything you would recommend buying used? Please share in comments below.

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