Looking for ways to increase your business sale and income? Take a look at these 10 proven methods, then used them effectively to boost your business.

This is practical and down to earth guide on how to can increase your shop sale on daily, monthly or yearly basis.

Below are the methods needed for your sales increment:

  1. Sales promotion is a great sales booster

Sales promotion is a short term promotional technique design to increase sales.this far the most effective method to increase your sales because it easy to set up and the results are likely to show immediately.

Customer likes sales promotion as they feel they’re getting a better deal, and you make more money till end of the day, it’s a win-win situation.

These are some popular sales promotion offers:

BOGOF- Buy one and one free

Buy one get one half price

Discounts, for example 50% Off price. Make it time limited offer “discounts expires in the next two weeks” to add sense of urgency.

2. Point Of Sale Displays

Point of sales displays can act as an extra sales person in your shop, you see them everywhere in supermarket and bookshops.they come in different shapes and sizes from custom made cardboard shelving units showing the best selling products, to wobbling sings hanging from the ceiling promoting benefits f the products.

They don’t need to be supplied by the products manufacturer, with little imagination you can create you own. The point is they make one particular product stand out from the crowd and help push sales.

3. Move Your Stock Around

Few weeks ago, my supermarket moved their eva soap shelf from the left side to the back end of right side of the store. While I was busy looking or my favorite soap, l stumbled upon a new soap bar that look nice. And I bought them, the supermarket has tricked me into buying a new product by changing their stock positions.

Your customer knows exactly where you stock the bolt and nuts, or the latest games on board, so make sure you move stock around frequently, you will be surprised at how a seemingly old product become popular again just because they’re have been move into a new shelf.

4. Make sure everything is price tagged

Everything in your shop must be clearly labelled for easy identification and purchase. Can you imagine the chaos in supermarket if they didn’t bother to labelled any of their product? Customers would not bother to ask for the price of all the stuff they want and simply go elsewhere. Same applicable to your shop.

5. Have A Good Marketing Plan To Drive Long Term Business

If you haven’t got a good marketing plan to drive your business , I suggest you start working one. There are plenty of books in the library that will talk your through the process of making a marketing plan that fits into your business.

The key factor here, is to create a measurable, achievable and time objectives plan, and come up with a low cost plan that help you reach them.

6. Include social media media plan for your business (e-commerce)

The world is now a global place with social media you can reach out to thousands of people. In fact social media is business field nowadays, and its low cost channels that help you build your brand and drive sales.

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In essence, your marketing plan should outlines the objectives of including social media to your marketing mix. Then you need to create a publishing schedule and stick to it.

7. Build A Customer Email List

Ask your customers if they’d like sign up their Email on your list and use it wisely. You don’t need to send multiple sales messages to your customers, but everyone appreciates monthly newsletter from their favorite shop.

8. staff training

Never assume that your staff knows as much about your products as you do. Also, never assume they care about increasing your sale, after all they get paid of there services anyway, no no no never think like that. So what’s in for your staff?

Send them to receive sales course, tell them about your weekly and monthly figures, and explain if its better than or worse than last year sale. Ask them what they think you should do to increase sales. Get they involved and reward them when sales are up.


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