Is leadership good and management bad? The answer is No, because both are important in organization growth.

Brief review of the differences between leadership and management

What is leadership? leadership is the action of leading people or group of people towards achieving a set or common goal. Good leaders have three common characteristics :

  • There inspire others to share their vision
  • They motivate others to act on that vision
  • They encourage others and help them to overcome obstacles in the pursuit of their vision.

Top 10 skills of a leadership:

The following skills are required for a good leadership. These skills includes:

  1. Communication skills: The ability to disseminate information and listen actively.
  2. Motivation skills: Getting people to want to do what you need them to do.
  3. Delegation skills: Knowing that you can’t do everything and trusting others to help you.
  4. Positivity skills: Keeping a positive attitude, regardless of the situation, helps with morale.
  5. Trustworthiness skills: People aren’t going to listen to you or do what you ask if you don’t first instill a sense of trust.
  6. Creativity skills: There will always be problems that can’t be solved by rote; you must think creatively and be open to taking chances.
  7. Feedback skills: Leadership doesn’t take place in a vacuum. Listen to your team, stakeholders, advisors, mentors, etc., and take their opinions seriously.
  8. Ability to take Responsibility: You can’t expect people to follow you if you’re not taking responsibility for the bigger picture and your behavior.
  9. Commitment skills: You also cannot expect to lead others if you are not committed to the project.
  10. Flexibility skills: Things change, and rigidity can ruin a project, so you must be willing to adapt and not hold too tightly to anything.


What is management? management is the process of dealing with or controlling people.

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mangers are people who plan, organize and coordinate. They are methodical and always reevaluating process to make sure they’re progressing as planned.

Here is an infographic presentation of effective management skills:

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You probably have notice that both leadership and management have similar skills.

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