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How to apply for loan on paylater

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Paylater is a very fast means to obtain loan to start up a small scale business. As we all know that capital is the principal requirement in starting in a business. Paylater is able to provide such capital for your business to wind up. Aside been easy to access loan, paylater registration is simple to setup and no collateral is needed in obtaining loans.

In addition to, paylater contains some amazing features which can be used for your daily transaction, these includes;

  • Finance manager,which is helpful in check mating your total income and total expense.
  • Pay vestvest for investment overviwing and history.
  • Apply for loan used for obtaing loan without collateral easily.
  • Airtime recharge you can easily recharge your phone line via paylater for all networks.
  • Send money you can send money from your paylater account to any other bank account.
  • Cable tv subscription Gotv, Dstv, infinity tv, African cable television (ACTV) and any more channel payments can be made on paylater.
  • Power & utility payment utility services such as AEDC postpaid, Benin electricity distribution company (BEDC) postpaid and prepaid, cross river water board, edo state waste management just to mention few, these utilities payment can be made on paylater.
  • Educational payments school fees and exams fees payment of most institution can be made on your paylater account.

Other features includes;

  • Online shopping
  • Visa & embassy
  • Transport & toil
  • Donation & charities
  • Airline and hotel
  • Insurance
  • Agent and dealers
  • Betting & lottery
  • Product & services
  • Event & movie. e.t. c……….

For purpose of this article, here are steps on how to apply for loan on paylater

Step 1

Download paylater app from Google play store.

Step 2

Install the paylater and create an account make sure strictly adhere to instructions and be careful when create an account with paylater because if mistakes are made it will affect your activities on paylater platform. Create simple and memorable password which to be used for all your transactions on paylater

step 3

Then head over to apply for loan at the top bar of the home screen, click on it and a pop up form appears. The filling of form are of four section, the first section is where you fill your personal information. Fill it correctly and click on next button. The next section is your eduction and employment form, here your education and employment details are required, make sure you put above #200000 as your monthly income so as to help you access high loan. Click on next and you will be taken to your address form fill your address details correctly and put owned in the residence field then click next which is the last section where you fill your loan details, the amount of loan you need and a promo code if you have any. If you don’t have promo code but worry it wouldn’t affect your loan request.

Then the amount required and the calculated interest will pop up, if satisfied with the interest then click accept, the money will be deposited into your bank account.


“The best way to make money is to use opm(other people money)
Robert kiyosaki

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