If you are thinking how to borrow money to start a business, then you are in the tight place. This article contains a full guide on how to gets loan easily which includes the requirements to apply for loan, where to source for loan and how to get the loan. Just give your maximum attention and take note of keywords as will enjoy to read this article till the end.

Before you fill the application form, make sure you consider as criteria, because the lender want to be sure they’re repaid. This criteria are:

  • Good business plan
  • Your personality or your business have a strong credit history
  • Can those(people) managing your business, make good use of the loan
  • The bank can manage their own risk.

Good business plan

Your business plan is very essential to get approval of a loan. Before applying for a loan you must have a well structured business plan. You have to show, how you’ ll earn money, how you’ll spend it and your big-picture strategies. you have to explain who all the players in your business are: your manager, marketer, sales person -those individual might being a new ways that help pay a loan. you can do all these jobs yourself, but must have a track record of success in those area.

Your business plan should also includes: your financial statement, pro-forma and your personal resources statement.

Lenders mostly want to make loan to help your business grow, therefore you need to convince them that the loan will help grow your business. To do so, create an airtight plan that proves how loan will lead to greater profit and the revenue you can you to pay back.

Personal credit history

Here lie the frustrating thing about small business loan, your personal finances are important. Because bank always request to see a history of successful borrowing anytime they want give a loan.Unfortunately, many people don’t have borrowing history especially new businesses, however, lenders don’t at your borrowing history they look at your personal credit scores instead. If you have a good credit, that’s a good sign that you’ll handle business loan well. But if you have a bad credit your lender will be more careful to give loan, if your credit is thin may be because you haven’t borrow much before or your credit need repair, build your credit before lender will likely give you a loan.

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If you have collateral to pledge for the loan, you are likely to get approved. In some businesses, you might be allowed to pledge business asset such as vehcle, bus and expensive equipment. It’s more easy if you pledge your personal property such as your home or your financial account.

Where to source for loan:

Banks and credit union

After you are done organizing and have know what you are expecting, then it’s time you start taking to lenders. They are many option to borrow but each option has it merit and demerit. So for better result, you have to talk with the lender in order to meet their requirements and understand how they work.

Banks and credit union are primary sources for small business loans. Loan from bank and credit union are good to start with especially with small institution, you’ii be enable to meet with a lender how can guide you through the process. To improve your chances of getting approved, ask about SBA loans, which reduce the bank risk and feature interest rate caps. To be sincere loan from Bank and credit union can be slow. So get set for long process and a frequent review from the bank.


Microlenders might be willing to give loan when your meet some certain criteria. Especially if you are investing in some area where microlenders are interested inor your income is low, micro finance lend might approve loan which bank it not approve.

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