Decision making is an important factor which most be well considered before buying a product or setting a new business.

Planning strategy

“Nothing is so exhausting as indecision and nothing is so futlie”
Bertrand Russell

No matter who you are, you are going to be faced with situation where you need to make a choice every day. Still, it can be extraordinary difficult to know the right choice most especially when it comes to buying of product matter because there are many items both online and local stores.

The following are tips that I found helpful in making the right choice when buying a product;

  • Consider and weigh your options, then buy. the wisest approach in buying a new product is to carefully review the options available on the type item you want to purchase, be it goods or services and single out the one that as positive reviews, then buy that product.
  • Seek for comment on the product from others. it’s ok, even recommended to ask others what they think about a given product, experience for past user of the product pertaining the durability and strength of the product. After you hear what the past users, good friends, family member and trusted individual have to say, analyse every information gather through the lens of your mind, then come up with a plan to buy the product. Good brainstorming can yield an excellent result when analysing.
  • find your best time to think about your choice on a product. if you try to make decision on a product when you are stressed out, depressed, tired, hungry and angry, the choice you make might not be well informed. Instead, pick a time when you are well rested, full of energy and receptive to take action. This could be in the morning, mid afternoon or late in the night, whatever time works best of you in decision making that time you can come up with reasonable and workable decision, use the time to your advantage.
  • Follow your instincts. research shows that people who make quick decision even when they lack information, tends to be satisfied with their choice. But there is more of brains work attached to quick decision making.
  • Once you make a decision to get a particular product, stick to till you buy it. when have a make a decision have a strong confidence that you can’t revise your decision later, or take a different line action. Rather, stick to your choice even though the decision isn’t the perfect choice, learn from your mistakes and keep going.


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