An e-wallet is a type of electronic card, used for online transactions neither on computer or smartphones. It utility is the same as that of debt and credit cards.

E-wallet stands for electronic wallet. E- wallet must be linked to ones bank account before transactions could be done. The major aim of e-wallet is to make paperless money transactions easy and fast.

Guide on how to create e-wallet account.

Below are step on how create e-wallet account:

App downloading

To get start, you will first download e-wallet application from Google play store for Android phone or Apple App store for IOS phone. E-wallet App varies from one to others, i.e each bank has is own e-wallet application.

Going further, once the app has been downloaded on phone or computers, it has to open and some information about you will be required such as your name, surname, Email address, mobile number and your date of birth has to be entered. You will say to create a user ID and password for logging into the application at any time.

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Set a pin

The last step of registration is to set a numeric pin. Once the pin has been set a one time verification code will be sent to the number entered at the first stage to complete the registration process.

Linking cards

Once the registration process is confirmed and collected, You can now link your debit and credit card by entering the necessary card details or by scanning your card with the aid of can link your existing online bank account and load money directly into your wallet.

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Making payments

Now that money has been load into your e-wallet account you can start making payments to different source by accessing the application with your ID and password.

In conclusion, users are able to make many transaction in a mere seconds with a simple tap or scan on their mobile devices. The experience of purchasing item online become quick, easier and faster with a great sense of satisfaction.


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