Selling a product doesn’t have to be complicated. At its most basic level a sale program is defines principally by what you sell, who you sell it to and how you sell it. Beyond that, sales involves staying focused on the details of your product and customers. As a sale program continues you will want to keep paying attention to changing trends and the needs or desires of your customers. By observing these change you will be able to adjust your program and keep your sales strong.

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However, when its comes to selling of products and services there are three(3) basic secrets which are to be consider before starting a sale campaign.

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Below are the three secrets;

1.people don’t buy products because of logic, people buy because of emotion and justifies the product with logic. for instance, have you have ask yourself these questions;why do you want to buy this new dress? Why do you want to own this apartment? Why do you want to buy this property?. If you think deeper, you might come out with answers like; if I don’t buy this dress I will look out fashioned or if l don’t own this apartment I look foolish or may be because of fear that if you don’t buy this item you will miss out and you don’t want to miss out. Whatever your answers are they all boils down to your emotional reasoning. Thence, people buy products because of emotion and justifies it with logic. So think about these when you selling a product to somebody are you just talking about the features and benefits? Or are you pushing the emotional hard buttons

2.people don’t buy their way into something. They buy their out of something. this mean people often buy something because they problem they want to solve. So before putting your product and services out for sell you have to analyze and understand what is the problem you are out to solve


“The amount of money you make is in direct proportional to how well you understand your market place pain”.

So you have to understand the pain people have and how you can help them relief some of their problem.

3.people don’t buy product and services, people buy stories. stories are very important when it comes to selling if product, because there are thousands of products both on online and stores. But with stories your product will have a stand in competitive market because helps to add emotions to your product. Thence, think about how to inject well organized stories into everything you do,it may be a personal story or that of your customers.

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