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Step by step guide on how to change money gram receiver name

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MoneyGram is just like other payment gateway such as Western Union, pay pal, Ria money transfer, walwart and the likes used for payment and money transaction between countries.
MoneyGram international is an American money transfer company based in the United States with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It has an operations center in St. Louis Park, Minnesota and regional and local offices around the world.

MoneyGram is one of the reliable means of money transfers between country. But for the purpose of this article I won’t dig deep into how money gram works, I will be limited to the step by step guide on how to change you beneficiary name i.e the receiver of the payment if there is any mistake on the name at the initial stage of transaction.

Let’s dive on step by step guide on how to correct receiver name on moneyGram:

Recently people have been complaining that they’re unable to receive money at MoneyGram agent location within the state.
This issue prompt me to research and gather information about money gram payment policies, here are what I find out;

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1.The beneficiary (receiver) is limited to certain amount for a stipulated period of time

For example in Nigeria the beneficiary is limited to $5k for the period of 90day. Not until the 90 days elaspse he is not entitled to received payment.

But in a case we the benefactor does not receive up to the stipulated amount for his current by moneyGram he can continue receiving payment without restrictions

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2. ID card mismatch, this happen when the name on beneficiary (receiver) ID card is different from the name of the receiver on moneyGram system dashboard.
Some the common reason of ID card mismatch may be as a result of a name mis spell or relocation of the beneficiary to another country- which likely results in change of identity including names.

Don’t worry, you are on the right page as I will walk you through step by step guide on both how to correct name on moneyGram and how to change name on MoneyGram.
Correction of MoneyGram receiver name is effected when the following had occurred:

  • If the receiver name is being misspelled as contained in his ID card. In this case it calls for correction before the money can be paid.
  • Where there’s transposition of First name, middle or last name, the MoneyGram transaction cannot be paid.

Example: If a Money Gram transaction is being sent to say Kenneth Mary okafor who has the written name exactly on his ID card. But the agent mistakenly type the receiver name as follows

Okofor kenneth Mary.

From the above example the receiver will not be paid, the agent typed okafor as okofor hereby substituting letter “a” for “o”. It is now the responsibility of the beneficiary to contact the sender and inform him of the development which ought to be corrected.

Another observation is that the last name is placed first in this case the beneficiary have send his correct name in sequence arrangements to the sender before the MoneyGram transaction is been sent in the first place. If done the payment will be withheld until the correction is effected.
Sometimes, this correction takes up to or more than 24 hour to be effected.

If the issue is beyond your power or you have any questions about anything related to moneyGram, you can reach the customer care via +17203625024. 

Note: you only have 90 days to pick your payment from the moneyGram agent location otherwise the payment will be cancelled and the money refund to the send.

In conclusion, changing receiver name on money gram is not as difficult as you hear people say. Am sure will this article you have gain knowledge of how to go about making corrections and changing receiver name on moneyGram.

Comment below in you have had experience with moneyGram, also observation, contribution and questions are welcomed.

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