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Thank you for your interest in writting a post to our blog.We are always interested in accepting and featuring posts on our blog.

We want to make things as clear and as easy as possible for you to write the correct content for our site. To that end, below you will find a list of guidelines that you need to follow to stand a chance of your submission being successful. But before we get into the guidelines let us give you an idea of…


Let’s start off by saying that the primary focus of our blog website in general is personal finance, financial management, financial literacy and education in fact all matters related to finance.


  1. Anything related to personal finance around the globe [for example: Articles on money transfer channels, tax and insurance, loan, credit and debit cards, jobs and side hustle sure you get the idea…)
  2. Anything related to business news, economy, investment, cryptocurrencies, forex trade, Government banking system: mutual fund, stocks and treasury bills and shares.
  3. Anything related to pricing and budgeting- This might include the price of things such as phone and gadget, auto and cars, visa, holidays and vacation. that entrepreneurs and people reading our blog might find it interesting.
  4. Art&Entertainment, politics and sport update are also welcome. But we must stress that we will not accept many of these kinds of, non finance related posts, (perhaps only one a month or one every week ) so the ones that we do accept will need to be extraordinary and they will need to be written by someone who can clearly demonstrate their expertise in the field.


  • A submission to us does not guarantee publication.
  • The article/post you submit most be your own work, original and unique. What we mean by your own work is that you must own the copyright to it. We may use a combination of tools to check that the article is original and unique.
  • We reserve the right to make any changes that We deem necessary to your article. (This will mainly consist of editing grammatical mistakes, formatting, headings etc). Okay, you might have noticed that our grammar isn’t great, so as long as it is at least as good as ours, you should be fine. We will notify you of any significant changes before publication.
  • Articles should not contain any foul language, racial slurs or defamatory remarks/attacks on any individual/business or entity. If you want any chance of your article being accepted.
  • Article Length: The article should be as long as it needs to be to convey your message.
  • Please only submit images if you have rights to the photos. They must be royalty free with the permission to use and modify them if needed.
  • You must submit all the information with the article. This includes your name, email, images, text inks etc that you want published with the post.

Article you provide must not be reproduced anywhere else unless otherwise agreed between us via email or some other form of written communication.While you are more than welcome to write on exactly the same topic els where, you agree that the article you provide to us will be unique and will not appear elsewhere online.



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